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This website makes it easy for restaurants, hotels, motels, catering etc. to browse for authentic imported Dutch cheese and cutting equipment.

To order, contact us and we can direct you to a re-seller OR supply you directly.

You can choose from ¼, ½ and whole wheels. We will cut, weigh and flow-pack the products.

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If there is one real cheese country in the world, it’s The Netherlands. In fact, abroad the Dutch are known as ‘cheese-heads’ (who’d rather sell their cheese than eat it themselves). In Dutch ‘cheese-head’ is also another word for the mold in which the cheese is made.The Dutch soil has always been pre-eminently suitable for cattle-breeding. For over 2000 years, the Dutch have been working to create more farmland by reclaiming land from the North Sea. They used windmills to pump water out, and then block water from coming back onto the dry land by a wall called a dike. The dry land that is created by pumping out the water is called a polder. Today, almost half the country is actually below sea level!

We currently stock 30 different varieties in wheels, balls and rolls .

Why should you have Authentic Dutch Cheese in your shopping basket?

Cheese is like wine; it is a product that is “flavoured” by the environment it is produced in. Dutch Cheese originates from low-lying coastal pastures of Western Europe; the cows, grass, water over there are no better or worse than New Zealand conditions, just different.

So just like French wine is different to New Zealand wine, each Cheese has its own distinct characteristics of texture and taste.

While “taste” is an individual preference, we believe our Dutch Cheese is creamier and full of flavour. We have some very unique Cheese in a wide variety of flavours.

Our current selection of Authentic Dutch Cheese available to you can be found in The Windmills, delicatessen shops and some supermarkets, and of course here online!

If they don’t stock, ask for “(y)our Cheese, Mate!”

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Yearly we are audited for our FSP/ HACCP program (copy certificate can be sent at your request).