CheeseMate Ltd. was established in July 2005 as part of Holland Shoppe 2003 Ltd. to become a supplier of high quality cheese products to the gourmet market. Quality Assurance Systems based on international standards have been recognized by the management as the means to maintain market leadership through consistently meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

As such, the companies have committed themselves to install and maintain the following Quality Programs :

  • HACCP based Food Safety Programme. Registration no. FSP01739
  • NZFSA Approved Food Safety Programme. Exemption no. AKC-BNAH-6LY58P

As a small company, they have strong cohesive links between management and staff; everybody is a quality controller. The quality system is the connecting link to provide consistency in all products and service delivery.

Over the years Holland Shoppe 2003 Ltd is more dealing with sales and CheeseMate is being used as an information based website.